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Wedding Gift Boutique

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When I was a little girl, I used to watch my father create amazing things from hardwood. He had such a passion for using his hands to make anything and everything. Every day from sunrise to sunset he devoted his time to his craft. He even built me every kid’s dream— my very own tree house! He would tell me that to create something from scratch with your own two hands is a very special skill that takes time and commitment to learn. It was through watching and eventually crafting with my dad that I also grew my own love of woodworking.

It all started with my garage, a few tools, and a mission. A mission to dedicate my life first, to my kids (of course!) and second, to my craftsmanship. I wanted to combine two of my favourite things, weddings and woodworking, to truly express my artistic and feminine side. I think that my cutting boards make the perfect gift for the recently engaged, newlyweds, your wedding party or even your guests. And of course, you can always just buy one for yourself, as a treat!

Woodworking has an extremely special place in my heart. Every time I’m in the workshop, I remember being a little girl and watching my father working diligently. I’m so happy to be able to share some of my passion with the world and continue my family’s legacy. So, let’s keep the passion for artisan woodwork alive for generations to come!

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